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Elbie is a set of tools to aid in the development of artificial human and human-like languages, known as ConLangs among those who practice the hobby. Elbie includes an application called Elbie Pad which can be used to generate natural-sounding words for constructed languages. It also includes a .NET framework code library which could be used to build other useful ConLang tools. If you are interested in the ConLang hobby, there is some information in the documentation included with Elbie, as well as a few links to resources to get you started in your own research.

Programming Tasks

Elbie Pad is an example of creating a flexible and easily extensible application framework, based around code created by ICSharpCode which is also used in its SharpDevelop IDE product.

Part of what Elbie is able to do is to generate source code for language classes, which are then compiled into libraries for use by other applications. This technique allows for more efficient processing of complex, and very dynamic tasks. This is done using the CodeDomProvider classes included in the .NET Framework.

The Elbie libraries are an example of techniques for manipulating patterns to generate and validate complex data. The library itself is far too complex for user input validation, but the techniques it uses could be a good base for larger data processing tasks.


Latest Release: ElbieSetup.msi
Size: 1,351,168 bytes
Last Modified: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 22:25:59 GMT

Source Code:
Size: 1,900,436 bytes
Last Modified: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 22:18:06 GMT

The source code includes source for the ICSharpCode libraries used by Elbie Pad, in compliance with the open source license they are released under.

Elbie was first released in January 2008