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It's a word processor you can take with you.

WordTinder is a word processor designed for those who hate being tied down. It runs almost everywhere you need it to, no matter what kind of computer you have (okay, it doesn't run on your phone, yet) and whether you are on line or off. It creates documents that anyone with a web browser can read. It doesn't bog you down with features you don't need, or a user interface which doesn't make sense. It makes use of the flexible, dynamic web technologies which have been tried and tested for years. Most of all, though, it's free.

It's a new idea, using existing technology.

WordTinder is an offline web application, a local web page that runs in your browser, allowing you to edit simple HTML documents on your own computer. It runs in almost any modern browser, which means its cross-platform, there are no special requirements, just components of the browsers that have been available to and used by web pages for years. Using technology developed by TiddlyWiki for loading and saving local files, there are no special files to install for Firefox and Internet Explorer, and only one little extra file required for Opera, Safari and Chrome. And, using the WYMEditor editor as its core, it has the same features you will find in the basic formatted text editor that came free with your Windows or Mac OS operating system.

It's your word processor.

WordTinder is a beta release, so it may not live up to all of the promises mentioned above, but it is intended to eventually. I am currently looking for people who would be willing to test the functional elements of the application, spread the word to others who would be interested, and possibly contribute to the development and design of the application. If you can help with any of these, or just want to report some problems you've had with it, please contact me and let me know.

Try it yourself.

In the zip file below, see the "docs/readme.html" for installation and use, and "docs/manifesto.html" for more information on what WordTinder is.

WordTinder is released under the BSD open source license.

WordTinder Application:
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Last Modified: Tue, 18 Oct 2011 19:50:53 GMT

WordTinder was first released in March of 2010